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The Fandomentals: "A powerful hit!"


Tiger Bright Review - Powerful Hit

Tiger Bright commands attention...

Tiger Bright carries an air of authority...

A well-blended scent...

Tiger Bright also feels timeless...

Tiger Bright smells... crisp and contemporary...

-- Kori at The Fandomentals

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Instagram Live with Glenn Davis @MrCologne76

 (Complimentary Samples) 

MrCologne76 & Anjali Perfumes

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 (Complimentary Samples)

Wow ! Wow! Wow!

Beautiful fragrance here...

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Eirik Halvorson (@the_profumographer):

"If you're a fan of spicy sandalwood fragrances, Tiger Bright is something you must try...

A Great Choice...

I've worn this...beautiful creation The overall quality of this fragrance is a cloud of spices, a warm, powdery earthiness, touches of smoke... "

Tammie A @tammielovesfragrances:

Anjali created an artistic masterpiece consider my words an understatement...

Love at first sniff...  Performance is 8 hours...

Projection is 2 feet and so beautiful... Quality is in all her creations, using the best ingredients.

Olia  @BlackLabdanum:

(Monsoon Madness) I’ve let it grow on me and it turned into a beautiful relationship, a never ending paradise.

Its madness is divine - vibrant, soulful, a whirling bliss drenched in rains and nectars.