Himalayan Dawn

Himalayan Dawn

This perfume is inspired by my travel to Bhutan. The beauty of Paro, Bumthang, Punakha, and all of this country is breathtaking. I tried to cross a shallow river once. I was not prepared for the shock of the cold, glacier water.

There is a sense of age in this land. Ours is an old, grand planet. These mountains rose eons ago.

Travel to Bhutan is not complete without a visit to the Tiger's Nest Monastery. This beautiful temple sits on the edge of a mountain—not on the top—on the edge. It was a grueling trek up the steep slopes.

I wondered at our ability to scale such mountains, to build such inspiring structures over such difficult terrains. But most of all, I was in awe of our ambition. Ambition to scale Everest.

I wanted to capture this spirit in my perfume. With spices being the theme of my collection, I thought Fennel was suited for it. It is unmistakable, cold, sweet, and yet fresh without being minty. And it goes so well with "paan"—that quintessential Indian after-dinner mouth freshener.

At the foothills of these mountains lies the Indian city of Darjeeling. Some of the best black teas in the world come from this region, hence I added the black tea note.