Hello and Namaste. I am Anjali. I am an artisanal perfumer and like to bring my Indian heritage to my creations. I work with both natural and synthetic aroma materials and handcraft my perfumes small batches from Bainbridge Island, WA. Explore & enjoy!

Scent Collaborations

Iconic Bainbridge

Iconic Bainbridge is a scented journey to Bainbridge Island. It was presented along with an scent art exhibit at JG Art Galleries. The perfume captures the cool Pacific Northwest feel and fresh green elements of the Emerald State.

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Starlight Sesame

Scent Trunk showcases the Art of Perfumery by partnering with artisan perfumers. I was commissioned to create Starlight Sesame with a focus on Sesame.

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Seductive Dark Chocolate & Amber

Roasted Cocoa Extract, Bay Leaf India, Vanilla, Violets, & Amber

Mantra in Sanskrit means a spell. It is a seductive, inviting perfume with dark chocolate notes. Mantra opens with top notes of cocoa, has middle notes of caramel and vanilla, and base notes of violets and amber.

30 ml EDP | $95
2 ml Sample | $6

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Celebratory Peach & Roses

Italian Bergamot, Peach Natural, Bulgarian Rose Abs., Orris Tincture, Violets, & Cloves

Jaya in Sanskrit means a victory. This is a fresh, rose and peach perfume with a sillage that is sure announce your victory. Jaya opens with bergamot and rose notes, has middle notes of peach and cloves, and base notes of violets and orris.

30 ml EDP | $95
2 ml Sample | $6

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Rachel Watson, Senior Contributor | Cafleurebon
Tiger Bright
"...is beautifully blended; its warmth and beastly heft mixes with smooth yet dusty woods ... that make this mystical fragrance familiar yet also exotic."
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Rachel K. Ng, Senior Contributor | Cafleurebon
Under The Mango Tree
"Anjali Perfumes Under the Mango Tree unfolds on the body in a harmoniously restful tempo. ...transports its wearer to the meditative quiet of India’s rural landscape."
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Himalayan Dawn

Fresh & Citrusy

Inspired by my journey to the Himalayas.

In the ancient land of the Himalayas, the sun is about to rise. Fog envelops pines and firs. Close by, a river rushes—blue, fresh, and pure—a vein of glaciers. The air is wonderfully cold in your lungs. Dawn arrives and the mountains awaken. One by one, their peaks shine like gold. You stand in awe.

Notes: Neroli, Bergamot, Verbena, Black Tea, Fir Needle, Chamomile, Sandalwood, Jasmine sambac abs., Bulgarian Rose abs., Haitian Vetiver
Spice Accord—Fennel, Cardamom, & ‘Paan’

30 ml EDP | $95
2 ml Sample | $6

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Tiger Bright

Woody & Spicy

Inspired by the Tiger reserve near my home town in India.

You are on a jungle safari in central India. You hear a deep roar of a tigress. Will you see her today? Depends on your stars. Hours pass as you search. It’s hot and dry; brown leaves cover the forest floor. Suddenly your guide stops the Jeep and there she is. On the road. Sitting like a house cat. You’ve never been this alive.

Notes: Cedarwood, Patchouli, Nagarmotha, Jasmine sambac abs., Indian Vetiver, Indian Sandalwood, Tobacco abs., Iris abs., Amber, Leather
Spice Accord—Black Pepper, Cloves, Coriander, & Turmeric

30 ml EDP | $97
2 ml Sample | $6

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Monsoon Madness

Floral & Musky

Inspired by the monsoon season in India.

Monsoon rains make a grand appearance with thunder and lightning. Mad winds rush from the sea. Arms outstretched, you get drenched. It is the season of amorous blooms—the heady roses, divine jasmines, and oh, the opulent, mesmeric tuberoses! If this were a gala, you'd wear blooms and outshine the red carpet. This season is an aphrodisiac.

Notes: Tuberose abs., Jasmine grandiflorum abs., Bulgarian Rose abs., Iris abs., Musk
Spice Accord—Saffron, Vanilla, & ‘Gulkand’

30 ml EDP | $95
2 ml Sample | $6

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Sometime back I acquired a rare oil of Kadamba flower. This is a flower that grows in India. Opulent and mesmerizing, it has a rich, heady fragrance that grows more intense at night. In this, my latest composition, I have woven Kadamba's allure with the zest of ginger and the mellowness of frankincense.

This is a very small batch and is a one time release only—part of my continuing exploration and celebration of Indian scents and spices.

Notes: Kadamba, Frankincense (CO2 India), Ambergris, Tobacco abs., Sandalwood (East Indian Santalum alb.), Marigold, Rose, Ginger (CO2 India), Lemon, Coconut
Spice Accord—Ginger paired with Lemon and Coconut

30 ml Bottle | $87
2 ml Sample | $6


Artisanal Perfumes

Made with love

Handcrafted, unique perfumes, made in small batches on Bainbridge Island, WA.