Bainbridge Island

A Scent Journey

Bainbridge Island, just 35 minutes ferry-ride from Seattle, feels like a city situated in a nature park.

Majestic forests, streams, ravines, meadows, wetlands, and shorelines--the island's landscape is a natural treasure. Take a journey to this island via scents of the natural world.

Art Exhibition

Scented Journey

Forest Scents

Pine needles
Green leaves
Fir balsam

Shoreline Scents

Ocean breeze

Wildlife Scents

Dry grasses

The Grand Forest

As you take a walk in the natural habitat a silence begins to envelop you.

The trunks of Douglas Firs are covered with mosses and lichens. The air is moist and damp. The velvety fur on young tendrils of ferns glow in the dappled sunlight. A birdsong erupts from the branches and then its quiet again.

The forests are lungs of the earth and you breath as one.



At the sight of sea, sand and salty spray you instinctively take a deep breath.

The boats in the marina bob ever so slightly as if dreaming of new sailings. The sand gives under your feet as you walk on the beach where seaweed hugs the shore.

You feel the freedom in the cry of a Seagull.



In early summer, at night when the sky is clear and a slight chill is in the air, you might hear the cry of coyotes. Sometimes at night two packs will howl from one end of a field to another.

During a hot day, you might see an Eagle riding on air currents, a sharp speck of white in the sky. An owl might hoot on your evening walk.

You feel alive being around the creatures of this land.