Monsoon Madness

Monsoon Madness

When the first monsoon rains arrived with thunder and lightning, Dad would take us out in the yard. We would stand with arms outstretched, face turned up to the sky, our mouths open. Dad would wink and say that the lightning causes some reaction in the clouds. The rain becomes just a little acidic, which helps clear the skin. So, I got drenched in the first rain, very gladly.

I continued this ritual of getting drenched in the first rain wherever I went—to college, or to other cities for work.

Many Indian films have a romantic scene where the hero woos his beloved, with a song and dance in the rain of course.

Rains are special. This is a season of joy. This season is for being one with the earth, the sky, the wind, and the sea all at once.

But mostly, this season is a season of love. Passionate love and romance.