Himalayan Dawn Perfume Notes

FRESH & CITRUSY (Parfum/Extrait 35%)

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Neroli, Bergamot, Verbena, Black Tea, Fir Needle, Chamomile, Sandalwood, Jasmine sambac abs., Bulgarian Rose abs., Haitian Vetiver
Cool Spice Accord—Fennel, Cardamom, & ‘Paan’

In the ancient land of the Himalayas, the sun is about to rise. Fog envelops pines and firs. Close by, a river rushes—blue, fresh, and pure—a vein of glaciers. The air is wonderfully cold in your lungs. Dawn arrives and the mountains awaken. One by one, their peaks shine like gold. You stand in awe.

  • Himalayan Dawn opens with top notes of bergamot, verbena, and orange flower. They lead to the cool spices of fennel, cardamom, and ‘paan’—betel leaf.
  • Middle notes are a blend of chamomile, black tea, and hint of fir needle. Rose and jasmine lend a gentle floral roundness to the perfume.
  • Base notes of sandalwood and vetiver emerge last.

Fennel is pronounced in the opening along with the freshness of lemons and citruses. There is a mild green aspect of Indian Betel Leaf in the background. The overall experience is cool and fresh but without minty aroma. It feels like the sudden awakening of your senses as you walk from warm interior into the chilly outdoors. The calmness of sandalwood stays on the skin after the volatile notes fade.