Inspiration Behind Under The Mango Tree Perfume

Under The Mango Tree

My inspiration for this summer's release is the trees from my childhood growing up in India. I have an affinity for trees, and when I close my eyes, the forms, colors, and shadows of two trees in particular arise in my thoughts--the mango tree and a tree called the Flame Of The Forest.

Mango Tree

In the Indian rural landscape, amidst green farmlands and villages, you will often find a mango tree standing majestically, but quietly. Its presence is unannounced, but unmistakable, perhaps because, like some saint meditating in its shade, the tree is occupied, not with what’s above ground, but with the veins of water running deep beneath the soil. (Image by Bishnu Sarangi from Pixabay)

Raw Green Mangoes

The mangoes grow in abundance. The laden branches feel like generous gift sent from a kinder realm. Here, a flock of parrots will occasionally descend--green feathers against green mangoes, and peck at the fruit with their bright red beaks. The curves of their beaks mirrors the paisley shapes of the fruits. (Image by gamble34 from Pixabay)

The paisley pattern, so often seen in Indian art, textiles, and henna designs, is a celebration of this tree.

It is miraculous how these fruits ripen, green to gold. The taste changes from intensely sour, to deeply, heavenly, indescribably sweet with an aroma that is unlike any other. The raw skin of the fruit is a majestic green perfume in itself.

The tree's black-green leaves, long, slender, and shiny, are considered auspicious. Growing up, I would climb the tree, pluck the leaves, and make a garland from them to adorn the entrance to our house. This is one of my fondest, most joyous memories.

Under The Mango Tree perfume captures the fresh green aroma of raw mango skin and my love for this tree.