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"Anjali Vandemark of Anjali Perfumes"

Cafleurebon Interview of Anjali Perfumes
“My childhood was filled with scents from a multitude of flowers that bloom in the tropical climate. I wore jasmines in my hair, strung flowers into garlands, or gathered grass tips for rituals.”

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Bainbridge Island Review

"Sweet smell of success from perfume"

Bainbridge Island coverage of Anjali Perfumes
“Living with spices and flowers helped me train my nose early and naturally. My parents also paid special attention to perfumes. We had a special attar-dani to apply the precious scented oils...”

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Himalayan Dawn
Tiger Bright
Monsoon Madness


Name of brand: Anjali Perfumes

Perfumer, and Creative Director: Anjali Vandemark
Website and online store:
Instagram: @Anjali_Vandemark

About the brand:

Anjali Perfumes is an independent perfumery located on Bainbridge Island, WA. All perfumes are handcrafted by the founder and perfumer, Anjali Vandemark. She sources pure and rare oils from around the world to create luxurious, unique, and artisanal perfumes.

How did you get into perfumery?

I was born and raised in India. My childhood was filled with scents from a multitude of flowers that bloom in the tropical climate. In my family, we gave special attention to fragrances. We used precious attars, choicest of incense, and resins quite frequently. I developed a keen nose for scents and a deep connection with fragrances.

Attending a formal course in perfumery was not possible for me, but I began teaching myself from online courses and self-study. I began mixing oils and essences and graduated to using specialized aroma ingredients. My friends and family loved what I created.

After several years of practice, I decided to share my creations with perfume lovers.

How do you make your perfumes?

Perfumery is an art and a craft. It takes a perfumer’s unique sense of vision and skill to create a fragrance. It is also a craft that requires expert handling of hundreds of aromas to formulate a beautiful fragrance.

I source my materials from the best suppliers around the world and choose the finest oils. I create my perfumes with an artistic direction in mind and try dozens of iterations before coming to a final sketch. I compound the perfume and after maturation, I bottle it myself.